Magic Mirror Beginnings



Magic Mirror came to life out of my dream to help girls of this generation be free of the pain and suffering that so many women of yesterday and today feel towards their bodies. As a social worker, mother and godmother I found myself wondering what I could do to liberate girls from the myth of perfection. The inspiration came to me one day when I was trying to decide what to give my goddaughter for her birthday. I had some beautiful mirrors from Bali and I went to wrap one for her. But I stopped myself, thinking about how much I knew she, like all girls I spoke with, was obsessed with her appearance. Why should I give her a mirror that would reinforce the negative experience most girls have when looking in the many mirrors of our lives. I wanted to shift that experience so in her card I explained that this is a magic mirror. A mirror that reflects both her outer and even more importantly, her inner beauty. I also realized that it would be even more empowering for girls to make their own magic mirrors. 
Thus the Magic Mirror Girls’ Program was born. 
My dream is to provide a magic mirror experience for all girls. 

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